…to the latest incarnation of Radio 411, with an expanded perspective and web address.  The old URL works fine, but we are now officially TV and Radio 411 Dot Com/Net. As the lines between TV and radio fade — with so many working both sides of the fence, the merger was overdue. 
Some portions of the site may not behave as intended yet, but we’re working on that. Your patience is appreciated.

You can help us grow the TV arm of the operation by sending in your favorite TV industry-related links. Jump over to Add Your Link, or email TVandRadio411@gmail.com. Thanks very much!

The focus of the site remains unchanged; to provide an ever- expanding directory of resources that broadcasters find useful. Grab fast facts to spice up a show, or go deeper to fully flesh out a program. 

Beyond prep, TV and Radio 411 features links to shows and talent of every stripe, equipment, software, copywriters, jingle producersvoice over professionals, station brokers, legal help, consultants, marketing experts, associations, classic airchecks, cartoons, and we hope (upon hope), JOBS!

We cannot stress this enough: WE NEED JOB POSTINGS. It’s no secret that thousands of talented people are sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called up. There are fewer openings than ever; most end up being filled by someone the boss worked with or knows of. There’s nothing new or wrong with that. But let’s give folks a chance to be seen and heard again, shall we? Thank you!

If you’d like to be notified when new jobs are posted, let us know.